The Mission

For over 10 years, Sowing Circle, a California-based ministry, has funded and regularly prayed for a children’s home in Myanmar called the Sowing Circle House. This is one of several of such children’s homes in Myanmar. Some of the children are orphans. Some are neglected. All come from impoverished backgrounds. Through these homes, the children are cared for by Christian parents and educated with gospel-intentionality, so that they are equipped to faithfully follow and serve Christ throughout life.

The purpose of the trip is (1) to build relationships with the leaders and children, (2) to encourage one another as individual believers and ministry partners, (3) to identify opportunities for further co-laboring in the future, and (4) to equip and refresh national pastors through biblical instruction.

The Team

A team of 12 representing Sowing Circle, Blue Letter Bible, and Reverence Bible Church will take part in this initial trip to Myanmar. The group includes three pastors, who will put on a four-day conference for pastors from Yangon and remote areas of Myanmar. The group also includes five children, from 2 to 9 years old, who will, in a very special way, encourage the many children we will be visiting.

Eliza (5), Jonathan (9), Lucas (7), and Natalie (6) will be joining the team to Myanmar.

The Homes

Several years ago, a ministry called Understand the Times developed children’s homes, called “Bryce Homes”, where poor children and orphans could receive care, education, and training in the gospel. Over 10 years ago, Sowing Circle committed to fully supporting one of the homes, called the Sowing Circle House.

Sowing Circle House

Bryce Home 5

Bryce Home 5 is located in Yangon, not far from the Sowing Circle House. The team plans to spend a day at Bryce Home 5 during this trip.


The team greatly appreciates your prayer and support.

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